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During the year,The Company continued to operate under a very stiff and competitive environment.

However the company continued to earn and achieved greater heights in most strategic areas of performance including massive flows of clients from all over the global World and prompt delivery of super and high class world service. The conducive environment, Economically, Socially and politically, given by our lovely Government have been the base of our super performance hence business platform that favors the company’s operations has been the main factor.

Our company is a hospitality company based in Arusha Tanzania, one of the most beautiful tourism Destinations in the world.
Our passion is to bring the world to Tanzania, the home to most amazing sights of tourist attractions; from the wonders of Ngorongoro Crater, and Mount Kilimanjaro, to the Serengeti, the largest animal kingdom on earth, and many more.

We are pride ourselves in giving you the attention you deserve and the confidence to know we will make it happenwith dedication and excitement.

We are aiming at providing best services and exceptional experience to our esteemed clients. As the world is going online, we have made it very easy for our guests to book our packages with our website. We always ask for their feedback and continuously work towards improving our services.

Our world class service ensures that your holidays will always be a lifetime experience of fun, reflection, and renewal. We serve all types of client, whether you are a sole traveler, Missionaries (Religious), students, honeymooners, family, or a group, our attention to detail guarantees that you will get a customized service with reasonable cost that reflects the value for your money.

Please explore our website and our pages to obtain comprehensive information on our services and offers. We will make it simple and you will discover and experience the excitement.

Yours sincerely,

Felix Jonathan Kaaya

Managing Director

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