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Machame Route

Kilimanjaro routes Machame Route This route is also known as the “Whiskey Route” because as the drink is difficult to swallow, so this route is more difficult than the easier to swallow Coca-Cola which is the nick name for the Marangu route. The day walks are longer and steeper and generally physically more challenging than the Marangu route.

This route attracts around 23% of the total climbers on the mountain. We feel that this is one of the most varied and scenic route up Kilimanjaro and would highly recommend it. It is done by 6-7 days depends with a time of climbers. It is recommended to do 7 days. This is because of getting time of acclimatization.
This route offers some of the most varied and best views of all the routes. It also excellent for acclimatization due to walk down and up in other areas. The route is in south west comes up to the middle of SHIRA and KIBO. Goes to kibo in west side. From shira cave the route goes to lava tower..4600m(15,000ft) descend to to 3950 m (13,000 ft) for overnight. This is the great way to acclimatize. Accommodations are in tents.

DAY 1: Arrival

Pick up from Kilimanjaro International Airport or Arusha Airport. Transfer to hotel where you will spend the night, your guide will sit with you, go through your equipment, help you pack, and brief you about trek. Enjoy a dinner and get sleep to get prepare for trek.

DAY 2 (HIKING DAY 1): Machame Gate – Machame Camp

After breakfast you will be transferred from your hotel to Machame gate. Here you will check-in and your team of guides, porters, and cook will organize all and you may well need your rain gear. After you have registered at the gate office and your guide has taken care of all the required especially permit walk start.
Begin trekking through rain forest on a winding trail, for 5-6 hours to machame hut camp.3000m. dinner and overnight.
You can expect temperatures may drop to freezing during the night.

DAY 3 (HIKING DAY 2): Machame hut camp – Shira cave camp.

After breakfast. Leave the rain forest and ascending path and walk along a steep rocky ridge through heather and moorland until the end of ridge 3800m then goes down to the shira cave campsite.3740m 5-6hours. Dinner and overnight at shira cave campsite
At this camp temperature may drop up to below zero during the night.

DAY 4 (HIKING DAY 3): Shira Camp – Lava Tower – Barranco Camp

From Shira Camp the route turns east towards Kibo and you will find yourself hiking through semi-desert and then the fairly rocky conditions that surround Lava Tower at 4,600 meters (15,100 ft) where you will have lunch. After lunch you descend again by approximately 650 meters to Barranco Camp. Along the way you should make the most of the excellent vantage points which overlook the Western Breach and Breach Wall. The camp is located in a valley just below the Breach and gives an impressive look of Great Barranco Wall. This walk take 6-8 hours.overnight in baranco camp.


If you like, and we highly recommend this as it improves your chances of success by 75%, hiking day 4 can be spent as an acclimatization day. On this day you will walk from Barranco Camp to Karanga Camp. It will take around 4 hours to cover 7 km (4.3 miles) through Alpine Desert. Your guide will use this walk to assess your strength and stamina for the summit ahead. This also assists your guide in determining the pace you should summit at and what time to wake up to begin hiking for the summit.
This evening you will be sleeping at an altitude of around 3930 meters above sea level. If you opt for this extra day you will only ascend by 360 meters, hence giving you sufficient time to acclimatize along with a bit of a rest.

DAY 5/6 (HIKING DAY 4/5): Barranco camp – Barafu Camp

After breakfast you will leave Barranco Camp (or Karanga Camp if you opted for the acclimatization day) and make your way up the Great Barranco Wall. This part of the climb may look far worse than it really is! From the Great Barranco Wall you will then descend through the Karanga Valley. For those who are going 7 days will overnight in Karanga campsite. This is good because helps for acclimatization.

For those who are going 6 days will go up to Barafu campsite. Which will take 6-8 hours from baranco to barafu campsite.

At Barafu Camp, at an altitude of 4600 meters
At camp, your guide will advise you to familiarize yourself with your surroundings before dark, as you will be leaving in the dark before midnight to make the final ascent to the summit.
You will also need to spend some time preparing your equipment for your summit attempt. Ensure that your headlamp and camera along with batteries are in order and make sure you have spare sets of batteries available as well. Also have your water in a thermal flask.
Make sure you are in bed by 19:00 (7 PM) as you will only have about 4½ hours before your wake up call. It may be difficult, but it is important to get as much sleep as possible.

DAY 6/7 (HIKING DAY 5/6)): Barafu camp – Stella Point – Uhuru Peak (SUMMIT) – Mweka Campsite

Today will by far be your TOUGHEST day of the climb, you will rise around 23h30, and after some tea and biscuits you head off into the night towards Stella Point on the Kibo Crater rim. The walk to Stella point is for many climbers probably the most mentally and physically challenging part of the entire route. You will be hiking about 6 hours through rocky terrain and scree to get to Stella Point where you will stop for a rest and if the weather cooperates, one of the most stunning sites you may see in your lifetime – a truly magnificent sunrise over all of Africa! Departing from Stella Point, you will follow a path along the crater rim that is not steep but more than likely you will be walking through snow for the next 2 hour until you finally reach the summit of Uhuru Peak at 5,895 meter (19,340 ft).

CONGRATULATIONS you made it! The walk take about 6-8 hrs.

It is not recommended to use long time on the summit due to weather problem. You use 5-10 minutes for taking pictures and then down.
Back to mweka hut camsite via barafu camp. Mweka hut campsite is 3100m elevation.
Dinner and overnight in mweka hut.

DAY 7/8 (HIKING DAY 6/7) Mweka campsite to mweka gate.

After breakfast descend to mweka park gate in 3-4 hrs. where you will be met and transfer to airport or hotels.

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